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5 Class Bundle - $24.99 USD - LIFETIME access

Reconnect to the wisdom of your body with classes that strengthen the strained muscles post-childbirth with slow flow and hatha yoga, resistance band work, and meditation.


In this 47-minute slow flow yoga class, you’ll strengthen the glutes, abdominals, and legs. This class features band work to target the deep core stabilizers and outer glutes—the muscle groups that support the low back and pelvis and assist in supporting your body in childbirth. Leg balancing, floor stretches, and meditation complete the class.


In this 28-minute quick core-centric class, you’ll do band work to build strength through resistance. This class opens with simple Sun Salutations and moves through four core exercises from the ground before hip/pelvis stretches to close. The perfect class to strengthen the muscles used in childbirth.


In this 24-minute moving meditation with floor stretches and pranayamas, you’ll stretch the body to relieve physical and mental tension. This class is short, perfect for all levels, and ideal for those who seek a bit of rest and reprieve through slower-paced movement. A great way to connect to calm and a class you can do anywhere!


In this short 20-minute meditation, you’re invited to listen to your breathing and body. Meditation can be done anywhere, anytime, and is a great way to practice conscious rest and connect to your breath. Deep, slow breaths will aid your process before, during, and post-giving birth to your baby. Visualization, affirmation, and mudra are featured to connect you with a pearl of deeper wisdom.


In this 30-minute Hatha class, you’ll move through gentle stretches to release tension in the legs, low back, and pelvis. This class works with the root chakra, Muladhara and is designed specifically for yogi mamas in their fourth trimester (post delivery) as it keeps you close to the ground. This class shifts the nervous system into rest and digest mode, which helps the body soften and relax.

USD $24.99