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For the Caretaker Buy Bundle (5 videos) For the Caretaker
In this bundle, you’ll experience the power of conscious rest through Yoga Nidra and restorative practices. Unwind, rest, and reflect with classes to stretch sore muscles and breathe deeper into your lungs. When you take care of yourself- you have the capacity to be more compassionate and considerate towards others! **5 Classes Included** ILLUMINATION YOGA NIDRA In this 20-minute Yoga Nidra class, you'll connect with your inner light to rediscover your creative spark. This class works with meditation, body scan, visualization, and affirmation practices to encourage a deeper state of rest and release. JUST BE In this 70-minute restorative session, you’ll move through five passive poses to drop into a deeper breath and release emotional and physical tension. This class includes passive twists, heart-opening, and hip opening with pranic movement and meditation to reconnect you with the simplicity and stability of your breath. TETHERED TO THE EARTH In this 30-minute gentle Hatha class, you’ll connect to the earth element by staying low to the ground and moving slowly. This class invites an inner state of quiet through breath and simple stretches. Ideal for those who feel angst, over-excitement, or unanchored. SWEET SURRENDER In this 30-minute yin yoga class, you’ll open the chest, shoulders and heart space. Move through six poses supported by props to create space in the body and relieve physical strain. This class is perfect for anyone who works at a desk or stands or sits for longer periods as it opens the front body and side waist. WATERFALL In this 30-minute Lila Flow yoga class, you’ll move through twists, leg balancing and backends. This class opens with moving meditation and a bit of mantra to honour the teacher within. A great class to get things moving and create space in the body and mind. With this purchase, you gain LIFETIME ACCESS to this content.
USD $24.99