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Business of Yoga Bundle Buy Bundle (4 videos) Business of Yoga Bundle
Learn how to create, maintain, and amplify your online yoga platform with the Business of Yoga Bundle. This bundle includes 4 videos: • Building a Yoga Streaming Business. • Growth Strategies for Yoga Teachers + Entrepreneurs. • Live Class Set Up - Preparing, Recording, Delivering. • How To Do Voiceover for On-demand Classes. You'll learn the methods utilized by Practice with Clara- the online yoga app founded by Clara Roberts-Oss. You'll see how to: Scale your yoga business, create a subscription-based platform, curate LIVE and on-demand content experiences, technical tips and behind-the-scenes setup, design a digital marketing strategy, & more! The videos in this bundle were featured in the Art of Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing Training in 2021. About your hosts: Clara Roberts-Oss is the founder of the Practice with Clara Apps and the Lila School of Vinyasa Yoga and has been teaching yoga for nearly two decades. https://www.clararobertsoss.com/ Alejandro Arce is a fractional CMO with experience in the Health & Wellness industry. https://www.alejandroarce.com/
USD $79.99