Spin Around the Chakras Yoga Series

💥 7-Day RENTAL for $7 USD

Hatha Yoga & Bija Seed Mantras for the Seven Chakras

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RENT the Spin Around the Chakras Yoga Series

💥 4 Reasons to Join 💥

• 20-min Hatha Yoga Classes

Open to all levels with modifications for new students to advanced practitioners. 

Learn About the Energy Centres

Discover the themes, blockages, and ways to work with the energy of each chakra. 

 Chant the Bija Seed Mantras

Chant the bija seed mantras for each of the seven main chakras along the spine. 

• Devote Yourself to Daily Practice

Do a short class every day for one week to establish a routine of yoga. 

What YOU Receive:

⭐️ 7 Hatha Yoga Classes

✨ 7 Mantra Classes to chant the Bijas

💫 7 lectures to learn about the chakras

~ $250 USD Value ~

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Rent the Spin Around the Chakra Yoga Series


💥 How do I sign up for the Chakra Yoga Series?

Click here to rent the 7-day yoga series for $7 USD.

Once you pay to rent the classes, you will. have access immediately for one week. 

We'll send you 1 email for each day of the series that includes the links to the specific yoga classes and lectures.

💥 How do I access the classes? 

You must create an account on Practice with Clara to rent the bundle of classes. 

We recommended signing up and creating an account via your desktop on the website over a third-party app. 


  1. You will be prompted to create your account when you get the email with the link to the Elements yoga classes.

  2.  Add your email address, name, and create a password.

  3. COMPLETE ORDER on the next page- add payment information. 

    The order will come to $7 USD dollars.

Once you've created an account on the website, you can download the apps to watch the classes on your mobile device. 

💥 How long do I have access to the content in the Chakra Yoga Series? 

You will have access to all the content in the bundle from the date that you pay to rent the classes for SEVEN DAYS.