90 Days of Devotion Yoga Series
Till the Soil of Your Soul

Take a 3-month yoga trip through the different layers of your body! Starting from the physical and moving into the mental and energetic.

Starts FEBRUARY 1st!

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Join Us for 90-Days!

4 Reasons to Join:

Commit to a daily practice with yoga exploring each of the koshas!

Themed Months & Short Classes

20-40 minute practices to fit into your daily routine. 

Each month we'll explore a different theme and aspect of the yoga practice.

Learn advanced asanas/yoga poses


Progress toward a new peak pose each week with classes and content to support you. 

✨ PLUS WEEKLY live lecture with Clara on the featured peak pose!

Learn mantras & mudras


Explore mantras (meditation phrases) & mudras (hand gestures) that add to and deepen the physical practice.

✨PLUS Weekly Live yoga classes that will disect these practices. 

Raise the collective vibration


Kriya (purification) based yoga classes to stimulate our energy body.

✨ PLUS 5 NEW Kundalini classes to work through kriyas with Seraphina Dawn. 

What are the Koshas?

Kosha translates as layer or sheath from Sanskrit.

It is said we are made up of 5 koshas - 

Physical, energetic, mental, wisdom and bliss.

Want to learn more - read this article.

Why 90 Days?

Feed Your Spirit & Build Resilience

<div class="editor-content"><p><strong><span style="font-size: 2.25rem">Why 90 Days?</span></strong></p><br><p><em><span>Feed Your Spirit &amp; Build Resilience</span></em></p></div>

We've been offering 30 day yoga challenges since our inception back in 2019. They have been great.

But we were ready to offer you something different. 

Let's go on a longer trip together....

For Yoga Teachers—

& keen students

We've added another layer to this offering! 

An accredited On-Demand Program.

Partake in the 90 days devotion yoga series with additional reading, homework, and curriculum to further your physical and spiritual practice. 

⭐️ Earn 30 CE Credits with YA and get a certificate upon completion of the 90-day Program.

Learn More & Apply Here!

Current Members

You don't need to sign up. You'll be threaded into the program.

If you want the journal prompts, make sure you're signed up to the daily email. You'll see the 90 Days of Devotion playlist in the catalog and in the calendar. 


This special rate for Quarterly Membership for $49.99 USD is only available until MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5th. After February 5th, goes back to it's regular rate of $80 USD.

As this is an auto renew membership, if you purchase the special rate of $49.99 USD, you will receive this rate FOREVER or until you cancel your plan.

Connect to Your Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Bodies

Monthly Themes and Outlined Below



Peak Pose Yoga Series

2 yoga classes per day that build to a weekly peak pose, including:

  • Week 1 - Flying Pigeon (hip opener)

  • Week 2 - Peacock (arm balance)

  • Week 3 - Dancers Pose (standing leg balance/heart opener)

  • Week 4 - Forearm Stand (inversion)

More Perks!

2 weekly live classes with Clara.

1 weekly live lecture to break down the peak pose.


Mantra & Mudra Yoga Series

2 daily classes that express mantras, mudras, kriyas, and pranayamas to explore the subtle body.

More Perks!

Spring Equinox Live Event (March 21st) 

Learn the basics of yoga philosophy and subtle body practices:

  • Vayus 

  • Koshas 

  • Shiva/Shakti 

  • Chakras 


Entering the Cosmic Real Yoga Series

2 daily classes that treat the whole body through short, dynamic practices PLUS meditations to ground the energy. 

More Perks!

5 NEW Kundalini Yoga Classes 
Learn kriyas to clear the auric field 


🌸 How do I sign up for the 90 Days of Devotion Yoga Series

You must have an active membership to join this 90-day event.

For a limited time, the Quarterly Membership is on sale for $49.99/month - if you sign up with this plan, you will be locked in at this rate forever. 

You can also join this yoga series with the Monthly Plus, Annual, or Seeker Memberships. 

See all pricing plans here.

🌸 How do I access the classes? 

Once you create an account on Practice with Clara, you will get access to the library of content (325+ on-demand yoga videos), and you'll be signed up to receive the Daily Email with the 90-Days of Devotion content. 

The Calendar contains 2 classes per day for you to choose from, and you'll see the Live Class Playlist and New Class Playlist, where we host the weekly live events and post the weekly new yoga videos! 

🌸 I already have an account; how do I participate? 

Everyone who is an active member* will get access to the 90-Days of Devotion Yoga Series. 

You can see the 2 classes we've chosen for you to do over the course of 90 days on the Calendar

To get the daily email with the bonus content, please email support@clararobertsoss.com 

* This does not include the Monthly Static Library Subscription or the Monthly Light Subscription. 

🌸 How long do I have access to the content in the 90-Days of Devotion Yoga Series? 

Forever - or until you cancel your membership. 

Please note:

  1. We do not offer refunds: it is up to you to cancel your membership before your next billing date. 

  2. You will be billed $49.99 (the reduced rate) for the Quarterly Membership forever or until you cancel your plan. 

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