Into the Stars


A FREE 30 Day Virtual Yoga Challenge


We’re taking you into the stars for a celestial experience that embodies movement, mindfulness, and astrology.


Starts April 1st 2021.


Those who complete the full 30 days of yoga will be entered to win one of the prizes from our partners! (Read on to learn more)

The challenge is FREE for new members. To access simply click the sign up button below and choose the monthly option - Use coupon code ENERGIZE2021 at check out to receive 30 days free access🌟

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A mix of live and on demand classes

For this event, we’re offering two LIVE yoga classes weekly on Wednesdays at noon PST and Saturdays at 9 am PST!

If you can not attend at this time I have a pre-recorded class ready for you on the 30 day challenge playlist and the live class will be available 24 hours later to stream on demand.

It truly was a wonderful experience. My intention was to complete the full challenge and I am happy to say "I achieved my goal!" Clara, you are one of the best teachers! Your guidance is so clear that you never need to look at the screen to see what you mean. LOVED IT! Thank you!

Jeannette Kennedy

Practice with Clara Member

<p>Jeannette Kennedy</p>, <p>Practice with Clara Member</p>

What to expect

Each day of the week is allotted a certain style (vinyasa, Hatha, yin/restorative) so that you feel balanced and have time to recover


Mondays – Hatha or Short Vinyasa

Tuesdays – Vinyasa

Wednesdays – LIVE Class or similar Vinyasa
Thursdays – Hatha

Fridays - Mantra or Mediation

Saturdays – LIVE Vinyasa Class

Sundays – Yin/Restorative


I provide PLENTY of options for you to choose from, so if you’re not feeling the class and want more time for rest, there are additional options. The only two days I haven’t prescribed a class are on Fridays and Sundays. These two days, I’d love it if you could honor relaxation by joining me for a yin/restorative class or meditation. If you crave more fire and select a more movement-based class, that’s also totally fine—you know your body best. 

I hope this Program allows you to witness (and enjoy!) your transformation

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I’m so grateful for the time and effort everyone put into putting this challenge together. As always Clara is an amazing teacher! I enjoy her new videos a lot and I appreciate the journal prompts and podcast topics.

Molly Foster

<p>Molly Foster</p>, <p></p>

​​Stream or Download

​​Practice with Clara on any of your devices, wherever you are.


Whether you want to stream instantly or download content for later, Practice with Clara is always ready for you to enjoy.


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Available for TV platforms and apps

Gifts for Participants

At the end of the challenge, for those of you who complete the journey with us, we’ll be raffling gifts:

I always spend about 10-15 minutes trying to find the class I want to take in the morning, so I loved just looking at the date for which class to do. I had never done mantra and found I loved it. The challenge introduced me to the idea that not all yoga classes have to be Energetic vinyasa. It also made me feel like I was part of a yoga studio rather than just me doing yoga by myself.

Eileen Cullen

<p>Eileen Cullen</p>, <p></p>

And More!


In the PWC FB Group: We will post the class daily, you can type ∾ YES ∾ in the comments to share that you’ve done your yoga and stay accountable with our community

Full 30 Day Challenge Calendar

Download the Practice with Clara Into the Stars Calendar. Check off the classes you’ve completed to visualize your efforts

Journaling prompts

Download the Into the Stars Journaling Booklet to take a seat in quiet self-reflection after class. 

Daily reminders

Daily notifications via the App – We will be sending a daily notification through the PWC mobile app – you can opt-in through the app settings and you can also opt-out if you’d prefer to not receive it.

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