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🪷 February Special Events 🪷

February 2023

🪷 February 1-28th | Peak Pose Yoga Series

🪷 February 1-7th | Side Crow - Twists

🪷 February 4, 11, 18, 25th | Live 1-hour Workshop on Peak Postures

🪷 February 8-14th | Firefly - Arm Balances

🪷 February 16-18th | Virtual Vinyasa Intensive

🪷 February 15-21st | King Pigeon - Backbends

🪷 February 22-28th | Headstand - Inversions

🌙 March Special Events ☀️

March 2023

🌙 March 1-30th | Hatha Yoga Series

☀️ March 4+11th | Art of Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing

🌙 March 18th | Live 1-hour Workshop with Cindy Stockdale

☀️ March 20th | Spring Equinox Event

Art of Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing Training

An On-Demand and Virtual Program for Yoga Teachers and Students

MARCH 2023

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April 2023

🪐 April 1-30th | Astro Yoga Series

🪐 April 8th | Live 2-hour Workshop

🪐 April 15th | Live 1-hour Workshop

May 2023

🎡 May 1-30th | Lila Flow Yoga Series

🎡 May 13th | Live 2-hour Workshop

🎡 May 20th | Live 1-hour Workshop

June 2023

💗 June 1-30th | Untangled 30-Day Yoga Challenge

💗 June 10th | Live 2-hour Workshop

💗 June 17th | Live 1-hour Workshop

July 2023

☀️ July 1-30th | Energize Yoga Series

August 2023

🍋 August 1-30th | Nourish Yoga Series

September 2023

🐛 September 1-30th | Reconnect Yoga Series

October 2023

💀 October  1-30th | Shadow School 30-Day Yoga Challenge

This event is FREE for all new members of Practice with Clara with the coupon code released on September 25th!