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Practice with Clara presents yoga and meditation classes to nurture our bodies and minds. Sometimes, we need a little reminder to make time to tend to ourselves; PWC is the space to come back to breath, movement, and mindfulness practices. 

With hundreds of on-demand yoga classes and downloadable content, mom can establish a routine to connect to herself anywhere, anytime.

Practice with Clara is a daily ritual to make your life better. Choose from Hatha, Vinyasa, Core, Restorative/Yin, Meditation, and Mantra classes based on your energy and level, or follow the Class of the Day Playlist to see the courses for the month chosen by Clara.

Clara Roberts-Oss is the co-founder of PWC, whose creative sequencing and philosophical musings have inspired thousands of yoga practitioners worldwide. Originally from New York City, Clara’s been teaching yoga for 13+ years with certifications from renowned teachers, including Shiva Rae, Anna Forrest, Paul Ortega, and Daniel Odier. 

What our community is saying

I love Clara’s teaching style, I really appreciated the different lengths and kinds of classes and the ability to switch the days to fit my schedule, and lastly the feel of community, such a sincere, caring group

<p>Cathie Santo</p>, <p></p>

Cathie Santo

I really appreciated the backstories of the practice and how the practice landed for you, Clara. It humanized the whole experience on another level. Honest, beautiful, messy, and vulnerable.

<p>Whitney Mendel</p>, <p></p>

Whitney Mendel

What a great month! The breadth of classes was impressive and the order was so thoughtfully curated. I can (nearly :) touch my toes again, and I’ve got my yoga hips back!

<p>Erica Kast</p>, <p></p>

Erica Kast

Mothers Day Special

Share the gift of yoga with the special mother in your life

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  • Once you’ve purchased the $100 Gift Card, please share the gift card code with mom, which she will activate on Practice with Clara - once she has activated the gift card, she will activate the yearly option as a subscription and add the coupon code MOTHERSDAY at check out which will give her the discount.

  • This is a recurring subscription: you’ll be locked in at this special price of $100/year should you decide to renew your subscription in 365 days

  • This subscription gives you access to all of the content and the apps (TV, Mobile & Web) and future LIVE events

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Community share:

The mix of classes, the flexibility and ease of accessing the class made it super easy. The pace of the classes and order were well planned out. I love having the option to play the AWESOME playlists with the classes. I have a new love of restorative yoga now, thank you for this! Sharing classes that I wouldn’t have tried has opened my mind to new practices. Best of all I feel strong and I always feel better after my daily practice. Thank you for the community connections and journal prompts as well. These are an added bonus to a well orchestrated month of body and mind goodness. I’m almost at a year mark since I’ve joined the community and I’m so grateful! Thank you Clara and team.

Molly Foster

<p>Molly Foster</p>, <p></p>

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Mothers Day Special

Share the gift of yoga with the special mother in your life

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Community Share:

I really love Clara’s flows which are different from what I’ve experienced previously. It is wonderful to have a curated plan laid out that has balance between strength, opening different areas, restoring, etc. I have decision fatigue about what to do that is good for me, so it’s great to have a sound guideline and then substitute something else if it doesn’t fit how I feel that day. I plan to keep going. Thank you!

Deborah Ferrell

<p>Deborah Ferrell</p>, <p></p>