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Play & Learn Bundle Buy Bundle (8 videos) Play & Learn Bundle
In this bundle, you’ll embody 2-hour yoga practices with four lectures that breakdown the advanced vinyasa yoga sequences. Indulge in an experiential practice with all the components of a well-rounded vinyasa yoga class.   The Play + Learn Yoga Bundle applies for 10 CE (continuing education) credits with Yoga Alliance.  You will have LIFETIME ACCESS to these videos. **5 classes included** DRAGONFLY | class + lecture A Lila Flow yoga class with pranayamas and kriyas to clear stagnant energy that features arm balancing with dragonfly as the peak pose. The theme for this class is Agni, the spiritual and digestive fire that helps us digest and assimilate information. As we cleanse and purify, we stimulate our pranic/energetic body, which moves through our whole body to feed all of our cells and light us up from the inside. Expect hip opening, twists, core strengthening and inner thigh lengthening as you progress through three waves to your peak pose. Kapalabhati opens practice, and a longer floor series with legs up the wall closes class.  DEVOTION | class + lecture A Lila Flow featuring Prostration Namaskars (sun salutations) inspired by Shiva Rea.  This class works with longer holds in each pose for you to connect to the body’s sensations and lots of pranayamas. Brahmari (bees breath), Kumbhaka (retention), and Chakra Visualization express subtle body practices to develop inner listening and awareness. Move through side waist lengthening and hip opening poses focusing on Bhavana (mood) over a peak pose. May this breath be an offering; may this practice be an offering.  WARRIOR 3 | class + lecture A Lila Flow yoga class featuring back strengthening, heart-opening, and leg balancing prepares the body for warrior 3 bound variation with a backbend.  This class features three waves with glute and inner thigh strengthening to activate the leg muscles. Balancing poses from tabletop builds endurance, tests balance, and invites you to choose a Drishti (focused gaze) to enhance concentration. Open practice with a mantra to Ganesha, Lord of New Beginnings, to clear the mind. Close class with a longer cooling sequence and meditation to calm the nervous system after deep back bending. There is no music for this class, so you appreciate the silence within and the sounds all around you.  SPACE | class + lecture A Lila Flow featuring heart-opening and arm balancing, this vinyasa class is themed for the third eye chakra and ether to connect to spaciousness in body and mind.  This class features three waves with a peak flow to revolved sugarcane. Expect side body and inner thigh opening, core strengthening, and twists. Unwind with a long floor series to settle the nervous system and release the muscles strained. Open with a meditation on space and closes with a meditation from savasana for the third eye, Ajna chakra, where we connect to our intuition and insight. 
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