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For the Yoga Teacher Buy Bundle (5 videos) For the Yoga Teacher

5 Class Bundle - $24.99 USD - LIFETIME access

In this bundle, you’ll work with three advanced vinyasa yoga practices to play, breathe and dance in your body. Two lectures share how to construct peak flows based on wave theory sequencing and weave the rich mythology of the Hindu Pantheon into your yoga classes.


In this 2-hour advanced vinyasa yoga class, you’ll progress toward Virabhadrasana III (warrior 3) bound variation taking a backbend with half-bow pose. This class features three waves with glute and inner thigh strengthening to activate the leg muscles. Open practice with a mantra to Ganesha, Lord of New Beginnings, to clear the mind. Close class with a longer cooling sequence and meditation to calm the nervous system after deep back bending. 


In this 40-minute lecture, you’ll see the exact breakdown of the class sequence and how to put together yoga classes based on Shiva Rea's Wave Theory. The lecture includes a PDF with the segmentation of each wave. This lecture is featured in the Art of Sequencing Yoga Teacher Training.


In this 60-minute vinyasa class, you’ll move with the rhythmic quality of Saraswati, the Goddess of Art, Learning, and Communication. Saraswati combines the Sanskrit word saras, which means “pooling water,” and vati, which means “she who possesses." We invite you to express and encompass this fluidity as you build heat and move in this Vinyasa Yoga class.


In this 50-minute lecture, you’ll learn about the potent themes and mythology associated with Saraswati Goddess. This class includes Saraswati’s creation story, mantra, journaling prompts, meditation, and a handout on Saraswati’s main attributes.


In this 2-hour advanced yoga class, you’ll move through a brief meditation, mantra, and a dynamic vinyasa sequence that builds to a peak pose with arm balance in Visvamitrasana. Core, oblique, back, and inner thigh strengthening help your body build heat and strength. Compass pose, camel pose, and a hip opener of choice complete the practice with Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing).

USD $24.99