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For the New Student Buy Bundle (5 videos) For the New Student

5 Class Bundle - $24.99 USD - LIFETIME access

In this bundle, you’ll move through simple stretches and strength-building exercises to develop the foundational postures of a yoga class. Short classes feature intentional movement and lots of breath, with Hatha, slow flow, and core yoga styles. These classes are perfect for beginners and those recovering from injury.


In this 34-minute gentle Hatha class, you’ll stay low to the ground and open all sides of the pelvis. This class creates space in the side body, chest, and hamstrings. Perfect for anyone who sits at a desk all day or commutes to work.


In this 12-minute short core yoga class, you’ll move through abdominal strengthening exercises. A strong core supports a healthy spine to prevent lower back pain. This class includes six core strengthening exercises and six poses to stretch the front and back body. 


In this 30-minute slow flow yoga class, you’ll move slowly to bring space to the hip flexors and heart. This class is perfect for anyone who sits at a desk all day. Move through several standing and seated poses to open the hips, inner thighs, and front of the legs. A supported fish pose provides an option to open the heart and chest.


In this 18-minute Hatha yoga class, you’ll move through poses from your back to stretch the hips and side waist. A quick grounding floor sequence to create space in the lower back and calm the nervous system. Deep breath and various pranayamas are explored to make this class a wonderful nervous system reset.


In this 30-minute slow Hatha sequence, you’ll express very gentle movements through longer-held poses. Ideal for anyone seeking to slow down, ground, and open the body with simple stretching. Breathe deep and release the mental, emotional and physical tension.

USD $24.99