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Saraswati Goddess Bundle Buy Bundle (5 videos) Saraswati Goddess Bundle

5 Class Bundle - $24.99 USD - LIFETIME access

Embody the archetypal energy of Saraswati, the Goddess of Creation.

“To be blessed by Saraswati is to be able to transform the world through words.”

- Sally Kempton.


In this 60-minute slow flow yoga class with mandala namaskars, you’ll dance across your mat through twists and leg balancing postures. There is no peak pose for this class. The invitation is to feel each sensation and enjoy the playful and flowing transitions.


In this 50-minute vinyasa class, you’ll express the hips and pelvis. Saraswati combines the Sanskrit word saras, which means “pooling water,” and vati, which means “she who possesses." She’s associated with rivers and lakes, the fluidity and flow associated with the element water. We invite you to express and encompass this fluidity as you build heat and move in this Vinyasa Yoga class.


In this 50-minute lecture, you’ll learn the mythology and origin story of the Saraswati. Mantra, meditation, journalling prompts, and discussion are included.


In this 12-minute meditation, you’ll move through a chant with the bija seed mantra of Saraswati. We chant to her when we are embarking on a new creative project for inspiration OR when we are studying for an exam OR when we want to find the right words to express how we feel.


In this 5-minute meditation, you’ll take chin mudra to honour focus and learning. The mudra/gesture is done by placing the tip of the thumb and index finger together. 

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USD $24.99