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Play With Purpose Bundle Buy Bundle (4 videos) Play With Purpose Bundle
4 New Experimental Vinyasa Yoga Classes Take a 2-hour vinyasa yoga class featuring dynamic transitions, peak yoga postures, and intentional themes for yogis of all levels. With this purchase, you'll have LIFE TIME access to these classes! Here’s how you benefit: Breathwork/pranayamas to clear lethargy and stimulate the lungs. Mantras to focus the mind and refine attention. Meditation to relax the mind and create conscious patterns. Movement to express emotions and enhance body awareness. 2-hour classes to relieve stress and unwind. Play with a Purpose Bundle Features: Unique Spotify playlists that add to the Bhav (mood). Peak poses, including Dragonfly and Revolved Sugarcane. Intentional cues to support creative transitions between postures. Focus on alignment and modifications for various levels. Lila Flow Yoga as featured in The Art of Sequencing.
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