What is the

Practice With Clara Program?

The monthly schedule of classes we curate for the Class of the Day playlist follows the Practice with Clara Program, which rotates between the different styles of yoga to avoid burnout, strain, and fatigue leaving you feeling strong and grounded so you can do all the things in your daily life with more ease. 

Throughout the seven-day program, you’ll move through Vinyasa/Lila Flow, Slow Flow, Hatha Restorative/Yin, Meditation, and Mantra courses. The calendar of classes was created to balance the targeted muscles in the yoga classes for you to feel strong and at ease in your body and mind.

Over the course of a week,

you’ll move through varied styles of yoga.

Day 1: Vinyasa/Lila Flow – Fire

Day 2: Slow Flow – Water

Day 3: Hatha – Earth

Day 4: Vinyasa – Fire

Day 5: Restorative/Yin – Earth/Water

Day 6: Vinyasa – Fire

Day 7: Meditation/Mantra – Air/Ether

These styles correlate to one of the five elements. Creating balance in your physical and energetic bodies. 

“I believe in doing yoga seven days a week. I also believe it’s important for us to do different kinds of movement as it’s great for the brain and the body. This is how the Practice with Clara Program was born. I want you to connect to your body in ways that feel holistic and healing.”

— Clara Roberts-Oss

Founder of Practice with Clara.