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Play + Learn Bundle

Four 2 hour practices with 30 minute lectures breaking down each of the sequences.

Great for yoga teachers and curious students!

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This bundle includes four 2 hour vinyasa practices - two working towards a peak pose and two based on the themes Devotion and the element of Space/Ether. These classes are Warrior 3, Dragonfly, Devotion and Ether.


This bundle includes Clara breaking down each of these practices based on Wave Theory as created by Shiva Rea. These tutorials include:

  • Breaking down and naming all the body parts that need to be opened and strengthened for the peak pose

  • Reasons behind which poses where chosen in the warm up

  • How to counter/neutralize the body during the cool down/lunar part of class

  • How to build out a theme

  • Breaking down the kramas/stages of the peak poses

  • Modifications to make the class accessible to all bodies

For the New Student

Develop the flexibility and strength in your body with short yoga classes that invite simple stretches and lots of breath through Hatha, slow flow, and core yoga.

Purchase the bundle for 49.99 for you or a friend!

Classes included in this bundle:

Gentle Awakening (34 min)

A gentle Hatha class that stays low to the ground and opens all sides of the pelvis. This class creates space in the side body, chest, and hamstrings. Perfect for anyone who sits at a desk all day or commutes to work.

Simple core (12 min)

A short core class perfect for building strength in the abdominal muscles.

Into the stars (30 min)

A slow flow yoga class that brings space to the hip flexors and heart. This class is perfect for anyone who sits at a desk all day.

back release (18 min)

A short Hatha yoga class to create space in the low spine.

Move Slowly (29 min)

A slow Hatha sequence with very gentle movements and longer-held poses. Ideal for anyone seeking to slow down, ground, and open the body with simple stretching.

For the Yoga Teacher

Develop peak postures and discover more about wave theory through advanced vinyasa yoga sequencing with advanced vinyasa yoga classes.

Purchase the bundle for 49.99 for you or a friend!

Classes Included in this Bundle:

Warrior 3 (2 hours)

An advanced vinyasa yoga class with three waves and peak flow that builds to bound warrior 3.

Warrior 3 Lecture (40 min)

A lecture on Shiva Rea's Wave Theory breaking down the Warrior 3 sequence. This talk is featured in the Art of Sequencing Yoga Teacher Training and goes into creating an experience for students through a theme.

Saraswati Flow (60 min)

A 60-minute vinyasa class themed for Saraswati, the Goddess of Art, Learning, and Communication.

Saraswati Lecture (50 min)

A lecture to learn about the potent themes and mythology associated with Saraswati Goddess.

Dedication of a Warrior (2 hour)

This class includes a bit of meditation, a mantra, and a dynamic vinyasa sequence that builds to a peak pose with an arm balance in Visvamitrasana.

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For the Pregnant Goddess

Anchor in your body and bond with your baby with Prenatal Yoga.

Purchase the bundle for you or a friend for $79.99

We have created a playlist of classes for each trimester, including post birth.

Trimester 1 - slow it down

Yoga for the pregnant goddess in the first trimester.

The first series of the prenatal yoga collection features six classes. Hatha, Slow Flow, Restorative, and Meditation courses will help you slow down while maintaining a movement practice.

Trimester 2 - Take It Up

The second series of the prenatal yoga collection features six classes. If you’re feeling like you can handle more movement and vigor in body and mind, the second trimester classes offer a bit more flow. 

Trimester 3 - Get Strong

The third series of the prenatal yoga collection features seven classes. This is the time to get strong in both body and mind. The courses in this series feature breathwork and simple poses to create strength and space to prepare you for childbirth.

Trimester 4 - Recover

The fourth series of the prenatal yoga collection features five classes, and you can choose from any of the classes on the app to reconnect to your body.

For the Caretaker

Unwind, rest, and reflect with restorative/yin classes, meditation, and Yoga Nidra.

Purchase the bundle for 49.99 for you or a friend!


Classes included in this bundle:

Waterfall (32 min)

A Lila Flow yoga class with twists, leg balancing and backends. This class opens with moving meditation and a bit of mantra to honour the teacher within. A great class to get things moving and create space in the body and mind.

Illumination Yoga Nidra (23min)

In this Yoga Nidra class for sleep, you'll connect with your inner light. This class works with meditation, body scan, visualization, and affirmation practices to encourage a deeper state of rest and release.

Just Be (70 min)

This restorative session that features five poses. This class includes passive twists, heart-opening, and hip opening with pranic movement and meditation to reconnect you with the simplicity and stability of your breath.

Tethered to the Earth (27 min)

A slow-moving Hatha class to reconnect you with the earth element; this class offers grounding through breath and simple stretches. This class is ideal for those who feel angst, over-excitement, or unanchored.

Sweet Surrender (30 min)

A short and sweet yin yoga class to open the chest, shoulders and heart space. Move through six poses supported by props to create space in the body and relieve physical strain.

For the Yogini Mama

Reconnect to the wisdom of your body with classes that strengthen the strained muscles post-childbirth with slow flow and hatha yoga, resistance band work, and meditation.

Purchase the bundle for 49.99 for you or a friend!

Classes included in this bundle:

Stay Low (30 min)

A Hatha class that emphasizes grounding, connecting to the earth, and developing a deeper breath. With this slower-paced class, your nervous system will shift into rest and digest mode, which helps the body soften and relax.

Space Through Strength (47 min)

A slow flow yoga class that strengthens the glutes, abdominals, and legs. This class features band work to target the deep core stabilizers and outer glutes—the muscles groups that support the low back and pelvis. Leg balancing, floor stretches, and meditation complete the class.

Strong Body, Mind & Spirit (28 min)

A quick core-centric class that features band work to build strength through resistance. This class opens with simple Sun Salutations and moves through four core exercises from the ground before hip/pelvis stretches to close.

River of Prana (24 min)

A moving meditation with floor stretches and breathwork to express the body and relieve tension. This class is short, perfect for all levels, and ideal for those who seek a bit of rest and reprieve through slower-paced movement and breath.

Seated by the Sea (12 min)

A meditation practice that invites deep listening through the breath and body. This class can be done in savasana, a restorative pose, or a meditative seat. Visualization, affirmation, and mudra are featured to connect you with a pearl of deeper wisdom.

For the Philosopher

Learn about the deities of Hindu mythology and Tantra philosophy through dynamic slow flow and vinyasa yoga classes.

Purchase the bundle for 49.99 for you or a friend!

Classes included in this bundle:

Taste The Nectar (60 min)

A rhythmic slow flow class inspired by Shiva Rea's Prana Flow Yoga. This class includes reading, meditation, and questions for reflection based on The Spandakarika— an ancient and revered text of the Kashmirian Shivaism tradition of Tantra.

Shiva's Gift (90 min)

A dynamic vinyasa practice that builds to a peak pose with a handstand. This class includes a mantra, mythology, and visualization practice to honour Lord Shiva, the Hindu Deity of Destruction and Transformation.

Constantly Changing (60 min)

A vinyasa practice at the wall to build strength through resistance. This class includes an opening meditation based on the guiding principle of Tantric philosophy of life/experience as the greatest teacher.

Divine Light of Gayatri (60 min)

A fluid vinyasa practice that opens the side body, shoulders, and chest to build to shoulder stand as the peak pose. This class includes the mythology and mantra for Gayatri—a popular and highly revered mantra from the Rig Veda, one of India's oldest texts.

Space (2 hours)

A yoga class that includes Boa Breath from Chien Lung by Constantine Darling, core strengthening, leg balancing, and backends with wheel and sugarcane pose as the peak postures.

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