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"Whenever I’m teaching, I always approach it with the idea that we’re co-creating this experience together, and it’s always different because it’s based on who shows up and what questions are asked."

Kind Words from Students

Taking Clara's Vinyasa training was the most transformative experience in my practice and teaching since completing a 200-hour. She taught us with precision and creativity to design sequences that make sense and feel beautiful. We explored the art of teaching advanced postures with skill and the safety of students in mind.

We learned to teach through kramas, stages of the process, to meet students where they are at. I highly recommend this program to anyone with an interest in vinyasa, or who is intending to teach this style to others.

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RYT 500, E-RYT 200, YACEP

I had reached a ceiling as a teacher when I signed up for Clara’s Yoga Sequencing Training. I felt repetitive in my teaching, unsure of how to get inspired again and after 4 years still constantly questioning and doubting if I was good enough. The training was everything I was looking for and more.

Clara’s sequencing is brilliant, intelligent and I think all teachers need to take this training so that they learn how to sequence in a way that truly supports the student. Everything has a purpose and is thought through carefully. It has changed the way that I sequence and truly made me a more confident teacher in my offerings.

My biggest takeaway was she gave me permission to be myself, teach from my heart, and believe that what I offer is enough.

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500hr ARYT Yoga Teacher + Manual Osteopath

Clara's training helped me break out of my comfort zone by giving me the skills to teach aspects of the practice that I wasn't previously confident in, such as leading mantra for a group. I left each module of training feeling more confident and inspired as a teacher, and that shows up in my public classes and online offerings.

Following Clara's training, I have been able to step into the role of offering continuing education for other yoga teachers in my community.

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RYT 500 Full-time Yoga Teacher