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Upcoming Events on Practice with Clara Virtual Yoga Studio

June Special Events

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  • June 1-30th, SlowDown VIrtual Yoga Challenge 

  • June 3rd, 90-min Vinyasa Yoga Class 

  • June 9th, Office Hours with Clara

  • June 10th, Business of Yoga - Part 3

  • June 17th, Writing Workshop

  • June 21st, Summer Solstice Retreat 

  • June 30th, SlowDown Wrap Up Class

4 Ways to Practice with Clara:

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💠 Zoom 

Receive verbal adjustments from Clara & see the community in real time!

💠 Audio-Only

Sharpen your listening schools with these audio only classes.

July Special Events

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July 2023

🎡 July 1-30th | Lila Flow Yoga Series

August Special Events 

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August 2023

🍋 August 1-30th | Nourish Yoga Series

September 2023

🐛 September 1-30th | Reconnect Yoga Series

October 2023

💀 October  1-30th | Shadow School 30-Day Yoga Challenge

This event is FREE for all new members of Practice with Clara with the coupon code released on September 25th!