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Weekly LIVE Yoga Classes with Clara

THURSDAYS 6pm PST - 30 minute, Lila Flow

SATURDAYS 9am PST - 60 minute, Vinyasa

Links for classes can be found in the LIVE Class Playlist.

November Events 2021

November 1-30th | The Chakra Series

November 26th | Black Friday 48-hour Flash Sale

New Yoga Collections to be released

November 22nd | Saraswati 

November 24th | Resistance Band Collection 

December 8th | Play with a Purpose Bundle

December 20th | Lakshmi Collection

January 17th 2022 | Warrior Collection themed for Durga 

December Events 2021

December 1-30th | Untangled Yoga Series

5 weeks of yoga that explore the 5 systems of the body, including:

  • Endocrine system

  • Circulatory system

  • Digestive system

  • Respiratory system

  • Nervous system

December 25th | ​​Live Fundraiser Yoga Class

January 2022 Events

January 14th | Friday Night Assembly for Durga

February 2022 Events

March 2022 Events

March 20th

Spring Equinox Event

More info to come!

April 2022 Events


30 Day Yoga Challenge

May 2022 Events

Progressive Yoga Series

  • Week 1: Dancers Pose

  • Week 2: Bird of Paradise

  • Week 3: Koundinyasana

  • Week 4: Mermaid Pose

June 2022 Events

Reconnect 30-Day Yoga Challenge

June 21st | Summer Solstice Event