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Yoga has the power to transform -
how we feel, the way we think.

As with all mindful practices, yoga can help widen our perspective,

therefore changing the way we think, act and speak.



I had a vision over 10 years ago to create a virtual studio where I offered the kind of yoga I LOVE to practice and teach. With the help of my small team, we launched in 2019.

Nothing beats an in-person class; however, we don't always have the time, means, or proximity to get to a brick-and-mortar studio.

This is a place you can come to - to connect to your body, reflect on your life, and hear the innate wisdom that lives within you.

💕 Clara

What's In Store For You Here - 

What's In Store For You Here - 


  • Make your own playlists - Drawing from our extensive library, create yoga class playlists.

  • Curated music playlists on Spotify - Giving you the option to have music or not.

  • Practice offline - Download classes to your mobile device.

  • Virtual retreats and wellness summits.

  • Community board within the app! Connect with the community, ask questions and learn about new features. 

Practice With Clara is the ONLY virtual studio that offers 4 different variations of yoga classes.

1️⃣ On-Demand

Classes shot on location with voice over layered on after or classes recorded during the weekly livestream classes. 

2️⃣ Zoom

These weekly classes are live, to give you the feel of a real yoga class. You'll receive verbal adjustments and feedback from Clara.

3️⃣ Livestream

Practice alongside Clara in real time! Plus connect with our global community through live chat!

4️⃣ Audio-only

Listen to the class to lessen screen fatigue.

About Clara -

About Clara -

Clara has been a student of yoga for over 23 years and teaching for 20. She has her E-RYT 500 in the lineage Prana Flow created by Shiva Rea. While specializing in vinyasa, she has also studied many other styles, including iyengar, restorative, anusara, hatha, yin and tantric meditation.

Always her intention in her own practice and her teaching is that this time and space on the mat be one of nourishment and reflections.


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  • 325+ On-demand library

  • Yoga challenges & virtual retreats! 


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What Folks Are Saying - 

Ajnira Bloom, USA
Letizia Sacchi, Italy.
 Omega Jefferson, USA
Greg Julian, Canada.
Leah Egan, Ireland.
Emily Millen, Canada
Trish Toll,  USA
Gary Zibley, USA.
Ajnira Bloom, USA
In the 30+ years I have been practicing, I can name only a few teachers who really offered me what yoga can deliver, and Clara is definitely one of them. She's like the jazz musician of yoga teachers, riffing and meandering down creative pathways. No staying inside the lines with her. Prepare to be seen, challenged, nurtured and loved.
Letizia Sacchi, Italy.
Clara's guidance is gentle, accurate and moves you towards your inner teacher, towards your inner voice and freedom without useless preaching or dogma to follow. Clara is absolutely unique and I am so glad I have the chance to walk this path with other people from all over the world who share a view and can widen my perspective.
Omega Jefferson, USA
There is something about Clara’s teaching that creates an allowance in your body that enables you to experience  what it truly means to find ease through effort, strength and release.  Her teachings have helped me increase my awareness and appreciation of my body, what its capable of and how it moves.
Greg Julian, Canada.
Practice with Clara has something for everyone at every level. It is the most prolific practice that I have found with an extensive amount of content organized in a way that makes it easy to find just what you need or to just follow one of the many recommendations. I would and have recommended Practice with Clara to anyone that is curious or already has an existing practice
Leah Egan, Ireland.
I love the idea that the Practice with Clara community literally lives in my back pocket. With one flick of a button, one sip of a breath, I’m back with my “people”, the ones with similar hopes, dreams, and insecurities.
Emily Millen, Canada
"Being able to flow with Clara at home has been a godsend! Clara is known for emanating a unique energy and bhav (mood) and it translates effortlessly through the computer screen and onto your mat. I'm forever grateful for your offerings, Clara."
Trish Toll, USA
I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years. The biggest challenge I have had is finding a teacher I can connect with. I stumbled onto Clara's platform and immediately connected with her. I look forward to the live classes the most, they give you a genuine feel of being at a studio with her personal cues. My practice has deepened and become more meaningful.
Gary Zibley, USA.
With PWC, Clara and her team have created a wonderful gateway for yoga practice online.  Clara’s practices are original, fun, challenging, and spiritual. PWC is so complete that it can be your only source of yoga, or a fantastic and affordable complement and fresh perspective to your local yoga community. 

Make It To Your Mat Every Day

Practice With Clara on over 1000 devices, including iOS, Android, MACs, PCs, and streaming media boxes such as Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Amazon fire TV.

Practice With Clara Program
Practice With Clara Program

Practice With Clara Program

“I believe in doing yoga seven days a week.

I also believe it’s important for us to do different kinds of movement as it’s great for the brain and the body.

This is how the Practice with Clara Program was born. I want you to connect to your body in ways that feel holistic and healing.”

Learn More about the Practice With Clara Program


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We are so happy to have you join our community!

To set up the Practice with Clara App, here are your 4 steps:

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  4. Start your daily yoga practice.


All memberships are auto-renew.

Once the trial ends, you will be begin a paid membership. If you do not wish to continue with a membership, cancel before the trial ends.

We do not offer refunds.

I have a membership, now what?

If you’re new to Practice with Clara, it’s great to have you join us!

We have a Welcome to Practice with Clara Playlist to help you get acquainted with the app and the playlists. 

We have an ephermal playlist, Class of the Day, that offers you two classes per day to choose from to help get you to your mat faster.

If you’re new to yoga, check out the  For Beginners Collection. The best way to learn anything new is through repetition. Clara has suggested eight classes for beginners to practice over the first two weeks. These classes offer a balance of lengthening, strengthening, and relaxation. 

In the How-To Guides Collection, you’ll find several videos describing how to do basic yoga postures, the alignment for peak yoga poses, and tutorials for those recovering from injury with modifications for sensitivity. This collection is a great starting point for anyone new to using props, pranayamas (breathwork), and etiquette in yoga studios. 

Finally, in the Intro to Practice with Clara App & Spotify Playlists, Clara walks you through the Practice with Clara Apps to learn about the features and get a detailed view of all the playlists and classes available.

How do I join a 30-Day Virtual Yoga Challenge?

Practice with Clara hosts three yoga challenges per year that are free for all members!

See the upcoming 30-Day Yoga Challenges:

January > Ignite 30-Day Yoga Challenge

April > Energize 30-Day Yoga Challenge

October > Shadow School 30-Day Yoga Challenge

What is the Practice with Clara Program?

The Practice with Clara Program is a curated mix of classes that balance the targeted muscle groups.

Clara created this program to help you make it to your yoga mat every day to create space, strength, length, and ease in the body. The Class of the Day Playlist gives you 2 classes per day to choose from that follow the Practice with Clara Program.

You'll move through days of strengthening and conscious rest, so you don't burn out!

Daily Breakdown:

  • Day 1: Vinyasa

  • Day 2: Slow Flow

  • Day 3: Hatha

  • Day 4: Vinyasa

  • Day 5: Restorative

  • Day 6: Vinyasa

  • Day 7: Meditation

Read more about what to expect in the blog post.