5-Day Elements Yoga Series

On-Demand Event

Embody the five energies of Ayurveda:

Earth - Water - Fire - Air - Ether

What You Receive:

  • 5 vinyasa yoga classes

  • 1 Elements Yoga Workbook 

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Why the Elements? 

In Ayurveda, the sister science of Yoga, everything is believed to be composed of the Five Great Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether.

Each element has its own characteristics:

  • Earth: grounding, slow, stabilizing, boundaries, firm, container.

  • Water: fluid, adaptable, creative, flowing, cooling, soothing. 

  • Fire: hot, strong, transformative, mutable, passionate, destructive. 

  • Air: mobile, subtle, gentle, life-sustaining, dry, cold, vital. 

  • Ether: omnipresent, light, expansion, dreaminess, imaginative. 

The Elements Yoga Series is a five-day exploration of the Pancha Bhuta, including yoga, meditation, writing, and reflection. 

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Vinyasa Yoga for All Levels

50-minute vinyasa yoga classes with modifications to support new practitioners and advanced students. 

Explore the 5 Great Elements

Get the daily email with the link to the class plus journaling questions, quotes, and supplementary content to explore the elements. 

Elements Workbook

Participants receive a digital elements workbook with questions and space to write and reflect on their experience of the yoga and meditation practices. 

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Meet Your Host-

Clara is the founder of Practice with Clara Virtual Yoga Studio and the Lila School of Vinyasa Yoga

"When we move with purpose, we actively participate in our lives—not as passengers but as drivers, moving our vision forward."

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