Enrich Your Pregnancy

with a daily yoga practice

Nurture your body and mind as you move through one of life’s transformational journeys with these pre/postnatal yoga series.

This Pre/Postnatal

Yoga Series will -

⦿ Support you in Trimesters 1-4

With 26 classes to choose from, broken up into 4 trimesters - the first three and the fourth, post birth.

⦿ Strengthen the muscles used to give birth

Encourage strong and supple muscles to support your body as it grows.

⦿ Slow down to encourage ease and relaxation

Explore subtle body practices to ease angst and tension. 

⦿ Bond with your baby as you both grow and changes

Listen to your body and your baby with conscious breath, movement, and rest.

Why I created this Pre/Postnatal Yoga Series

The classes featured in this series were filmed while I was pregnant with my daughter.

My vision behind this series was to offer a broad range of classes for each trimester so that depending upon how you were feeling when you came to your mat, there would be a class for you.

This series is geared towards yoginis who were practicing yoga prior to their pregnancy.

You’ll find Vinyasa, Hatha, restorative and meditation classes.

The series is broken up into four trimesters. The first three – your pregnancy and the 4th trimester – after you’ve given birth.

You don’t need to stick to the classes in a particular trimester, but instead explore the classes you are drawn to.

The series includes a video tutorial on modifications for each trimester, along with a link to a post I wrote on the modifications.

My goal is for you to feel empowered to continue to practice yoga throughout your pregnancy.

With 2 Pricing Options 

Rent, purchase or become a member -

Choose the package the meets your needs.

price option <div class="editor-content"><p>30-DAY RENTAL</p></div>


$25 USD

5 yoga classes including vinyasa, hatha, and yin styles.

Great for those looking to keep their choices simple.

price option <div class="editor-content"><p>30-DAY RENTAL</p></div>


$50 USD

27 yoga classes including vinyasa, hatha, yin/restorative, and subtle body practices. 

Ideal for those looking to for a variety of practices to choose from.


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Access the full prenatal series, along with over 300+ other classes in our library with a monthly, quarterly or annual membership.

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More About the Prenatal Yoga Bundles 

Keep reading to see what's included in your Prenatal Yoga Bundle -
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The Sanctuary
Prenatal Yoga Series
Trimesters 1-3


Shot in Tofino, BC, enjoy the backdrop of the Pacific Northwest in this 5 class series


30-Day Rental for $25 USD!

5 yoga classes with Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin

Rent the Prenatal Series

What You Receive:

⦿ 1 Vinyasa for the whole body

⦿ 1 Hatha to strengthen the back

⦿ 1 Hatha to express the hips

⦿ 1 Yin to support the low back

⦿ 1 Yin to stimulate conscious rest

Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Trimesters 1-4

Receive 27 yoga classes with varied styles -

During my pregnancy, I was able to maintain physical strength and mental calm while practicing yoga with Clara.  Her prenatal classes were safe, well-informed, and fun.  Her sequencing was thoughtful and she offered many variations to keep the practice accessible. Each class challenged by body in a good way; I walked away feeling capable and strong. Clara's teachings offered me a time to connect with my ever-changing body and to spend time with my baby! I'm so grateful to have found her platform

~ Emily Millen

Yoga Teacher and Practicing Midwife


⦿ How do I rent The Sanctuary Prenatal Yoga Series?

Click here to get The Sanctuary Prenatal Yoga Series

You will be prompted to:

  1. Create an account on Practice with Clara Virtual Yoga Studio. 

  2. Add your name, email, and a password.

  3. Add your billing details. 

  4. Checkout- apply a coupon code if you have one. 

  5. The 5 yoga classes will be added to your library on Practice with Clara.


  • You will have access to The Sanctuary Prenatal Playlist ONLY for 30 days. 

  • Your 30 days start when you pay, and the classes are added to your library. 

  • If you want to access the 300+ on-demand classes - including the Prenatal Yoga Series Trimesters 1-4 (25 yoga classes) - in the studio, you can start an active membership once your rental has ended. 

⦿ How do I access the classes? 

You must create an account on Practice with Clara on your desktop computer to access The Interlude Playlist of classes. 

We recommended signing up and creating an account via your desktop on the website over a third-party app. 


  1. Create an account on Practice with Clara. 

  2.  Add your email address, name, and create a password.

  3. COMPLETE ORDER on the next page and add your billing information. 

Once you've created an account on the website, you can download the apps to watch the classes on your mobile device. 

⦿ How long do I have access to the classes? 

You have 30 days to watch and enjoy the classes.

The 30 days start as soon as you pay, and the classes are added to your library on the Practice with Clara Virtual Yoga Studio. 

⦿ Do I have to create an account to watch the classes?


To access the library with 5 yoga classes in The Sanctuary Prenatal Yoga Series, you will be prompted to create an account on the checkout page.

⦿ Should I do the rental or membership?

Your rental is 30 days for 30 USD. 

The Monthly PLUS Membership provides access to The Prenatal Sanctuary Yoga Series is 34.99 USD per month.

With the Monthly PLUS Membership, you also get access to the Prenatal Yoga Series Trimesters 1-4 (25 on-demand yoga classes) that Clara filmed while pregnant and after giving birth. 

⦿ What is in the Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Bundle? 

The Prenatal Yoga Bundle provides classes for expecting yogis who want to continue their yoga practice throughout pregnancy.

The Prenatal Collection includes Trimester 1Trimester 2, and Trimester 3, with varying levels, styles, and class lengths, to accommodate seasoned practitioners and those newer to the practice. Through breathwork and postures that strengthen the body and mind, prenatal yoga helps you prepare for the delivery of your baby. 

The Postnatal collection includes classes for Trimester 4 post-pregnancy.  

The trimesters classes include vinyasa yoga, slow flow, Hatha, restorative/yin, and meditation. Each trimester builds off of the previous with thematic content to help you along each stage of your pregnancy.

Trimester 1: Slow It DownThe first series of the prenatal yoga collection features six classes. Hatha, Slow Flow, Restorative, and Meditation courses will help you slow down while maintaining a movement practice.

Trimester 2: Take It Up

The second series of the prenatal yoga collection features six classes. If you feel you can handle more movement and vigor in body and mind, the second-trimester classes offer more flow.

Trimester 3: Get Strong

The third series of the prenatal yoga collection features seven classes. This is the time to get strong in both body and mind. The courses in this series feature breathwork and simple poses to create strength and space to prepare you for childbirth.

Trimester 4: Recover

The fourth series of the prenatal yoga collection features five classes, and you can choose from any of the classes on the app to reconnect to your body.

See how to modify through each phase of your pregnancy with the Modifications for Pregnancy video. There are ample modifications and adjustments with props offered in the Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga collection. 

Please consult with your physician before exploring any new physical activities during your pregnancy. It is not advisable to start a yoga practice while pregnant unless you’ve consulted your doctor.

⦿ How do I know if the classes are safe for me to do?

Clara filmed all of the Prenatal yoga classes during her pregnancy with her daughter, Karmen. Each class was filmed during the allotted trimester, so you can see how Clara moves and breathes through each stage of her pregnancy.

The Postnatal Collection was filmed in the months following Karmen’s birth, so you’ll watch as Clara reconnects to her body and its rhythms in yoga practice. 

If you have a regular yoga practice, please modify it based on the videos' recommendations. There are plenty of variations and modifications offered in each class video and the Modifications for Pregnancy video.

Please listen to your body; every pregnancy looks and feels so different, so we advise watching and learning how to modify and adjust to accommodate your body as it changes throughout your pregnancy.

Please consult your doctor before initiating a new routine and continue checking in throughout your pregnancy. 

⦿ How do I access the Prenatal and Postnatal Trimesters 1-4? 

You have 3 options to access the Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga on Practice with Clara.

  1. RENT the bundle for 30 days for $30 USD.

  2. PURCHASE the bundle forever for $108 USD.

  3. BECOME A MEMBER for $34.99/month to get access to the Prenatal and Postnatal COllection AND access to 300+ on-demand videos.