Who Are the Seekers? 

A group of curious and compassionate practitioners invested in learning about the sacred roots of yoga through its philosophy and anatomical practice.

2024 On-Demand Course Schedule


• Yamas & Niyamas 


• Yoga Sutras 


• Yoga Sutras


• Level 2: Art of Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing Training


• Level 2: Art of Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing Training


• Yoga History & Philosophy


• Subtle Body Series - Pranayama Level 2


• Subtle Body Series - Meditation Level 2


• Subtle Body Series - Mantra Level 2


• Arm Balances


• Inversions


• Binds & Twists


The Live Workshops are held on Zoom on the second Saturday of March, June, September, and December. 

10:30-12:30 pm PST / 7:30-9:30 pm CET

Workshops are for you to: 

  • Discuss ideas and themes

  • Analyse vinyasa sequences

  • Teach your peers

  • Unpack your process

  • Consider yoga philosophy 

Join the Seekers

Gain knowledge, support, and inspiration within a global community.

this includes mentorship, workshops, lectures, teacher training, advanced vinyasa yoga intensives, & more!

Join for $350 USD a year!

We created this membership for us to:

Share stories to establish relationships and support.

Embody the wisdom of industry professionals.

Develop skills to bring our work into the world.

Reflect on ways to enrich our lives, relationships, and the environment.

Inspire each other through group discussion, mentorship, and co-creating the space.


  • You are a yoga teacher or enjoy geeking out on all things yoga.

  • You want to continue your yoga education with a mix of virtual and on-demand content.

  • You're invested in personal AND professional development.

  • You want to earn Yoga Alliance-approved credits as a yoga teacher.

  • You want to connect with like-minded people in a space where vulnerability, reflection, and play are emphasized.

  • You've been craving a way to develop your craft, be it yoga or otherwise, and want a container to crack open your ideas and explore them with others!

Join Us!

What You Receive

Every Seeker Membership Includes:

<div class="editor-content"><p><strong>Mentorship with Clara</strong></p></div>

Mentorship with Clara

Receive guidance, support, wisdom, and advice from Clara in your two mentoring sessions per year.

  • $250 value / session

<div class="editor-content"><p><strong>1 Virtual Vinyasa Yoga Intensive </strong></p></div>

1 Virtual Vinyasa Yoga Intensive

Join one of our 3 day morning intensives for FREE. See the schedule to choose the dates you can join us.

  • $100 value / intensive

<div class="editor-content"><p><strong>Art of Sequencing Training</strong></p></div>

Art of Sequencing Training

Learn Clara's style of sequencing, Lila Flow. From sequence breakdowns to how and why she puts particular poses together, this on demand training is a MUST for yoga teachers and home practitioners.

  • $250 value / training

<div class="editor-content"><p><strong>On-Demand  Workshop per Month</strong></p></div>

On-Demand Workshop per Month

Get an on-demand workshop each month to watch on your own schedule - these videos count toward CE Credits with YA.

  • $300 value / workshop

<div class="editor-content"><p><strong>LIVE Workshops with a Global Community</strong></p></div>

LIVE Workshops with a Global Community

Join the live Zoom discussions each month to engage in lectures, breakout rooms, and peer-to-peer work to learn with a global community. 

  • $150 value / event

<div class="editor-content"><p><strong>Newsletter Feature </strong></p></div>

Newsletter Feature

Promote your services, post a job, and source guidance when it's your turn to be featured in our Lila School of Vinyasa Yoga newsletter.

<div class="editor-content"><p><strong>Discounts on Yoga Teacher Training </strong></p></div>

Discounts on Yoga Teacher Training

Receive a reduced rate on 200+300-hour Programs with Clara. You'll also be the first to hear about training as these experiences are small in size and fill up fast!

<div class="editor-content"><p><strong>Access to Experts from Wellness Industries</strong></p></div>

Access to Experts from Wellness Industries

Meet industry experts from various industries related to wellness in the virtual events on Practice with Clara to expand your network.

<div class="editor-content"><p><strong>Opportunities to Host Virtual Events</strong></p></div>

Opportunities to Host Virtual Events

If you want to develop your skills or spread your message, apply to host a virtual event for the Practice with Clara community!

Join the Seekers for $350 USD


  • Year 1 of all Seeker Content (worth 24 CE Credits) ~ $250 USD

  • Monthly Workshops - $300

  • Virtual Vinyasa Yoga Intensive - $100 per event

  • On-Demand Art of Sequencing Training - $160 per event

  • Mentorship with Clara - $250 per event

  • Access to Global Community - $120 per year


☆ Details On What Seekers Receive ☆

Keep scrolling to learn more.


Attend 1 Virtual Vinyasa Intensive per year.

Upcoming dates are below.


These sessions are unique to each individual and depend on your needs and goals.


  • Feedback on vinyasa yoga sequencing and creating cohesive class themes.

  • Guidance on how to develop as a yoga teacher and navigate relationships with students and studio owners.

  • Tips for growing a yoga business and opening your own school of yoga.

  • How to host and prepare for a global retreat, workshop, or training.

  • Ways to promote yourself as a yoga teacher - how to align with industry leaders and brands.

  • How to teach live classes, record content, and hold space for hybrid experiences for students in-person and online.

~ $250 value per session

Hi, I'm Clara!

I'm the founder of Practice with Clara and the Lila School of Vinyasa Yoga.

I've been a yoga teacher and educator for 20+ years, leading events, retreats, and training worldwide.

I have a deep passion for community, learning, and philosophy, which is how the idea for the Seeker Membership was born.

My hope for us is to co-create learning opportunities through mentorship, workshops, virtual and on-demand training, and live meetups.

I believe that this practice makes us better people.

Making a conscious effort to connect to our bodies, breath and spirits - we connect to our greatest teacher, our SELVES. From that place, that connection, we are more liking to move from a place of compassion, patience and understanding.

I look forward to connecting with you - my fellow seekers!

Art Of Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing

The Seeker Membership includes the 22-hour on-demand Art of Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing Training.

* Yoga Alliance approved for yoga teachers to earn 22 CE credits as teachers.

~ $400 value

What Students Are Saying
About the Art of Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing:

The Art of Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing training with Clara has sparked my confidence and creativity as a newer yoga teacher. The knowledge I've absorbed will impact my teaching practice for years.

I hoped to learn how to sequence an intentional, smart, and soulful class. I got much more than I expected! I left feeling confident and inspired to teach yoga in a way that feels more authentic to me. This is because I now have several repeatable formulas to create intelligent sequences. I felt supported by the way Clara took the time to acknowledge all questions and allowed space for us to speak openly.

<div class="editor-content"><p>Kelly Shima</p></div>, <div class="editor-content"><p><span style="font-size: 0.875rem">Practice with Clara Member</span></p></div>

Kelly Shima

Practice with Clara Member

I loved the prerecorded material and found it necessary to have. I can say that I am impressed at how every detail of Clara's practices are curated and that's exactly what she taught us and what I wanted to learn.

I was very interested in learning new ways of theming the classes and we did discuss connecting the themes with the Bhavana and structures of the sequences.

<div class="editor-content"><p>Sara Innocenzi</p></div>, <div class="editor-content"><p><span style="font-size: 0.875rem">Practice with Clara Member</span></p></div>

Sara Innocenzi

Practice with Clara Member

The training was inspiring. I learned how to create yoga classes that truly flow and everything is purposeful We learned a bit about anatomy and how to create sequences that build to a peak pose and also how to connect the peak pose and whole sequence with a theme.

The manual is really useful and easy to understand. I found the on-demand lectures very helpful as I could pause and take notes during the recordings.

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, Clara! I loved every minute!

<div class="editor-content"><p>Tessie S. </p></div>, <div class="editor-content"><p><span style="font-size: 0.875rem">Practice with Clara Member</span></p></div>

Tessie S.

Practice with Clara Member



Seekers have the option to post their skills, services, or source inspiration in our monthly newsletter to the entire Practice with Clara Community!

Here are examples of what you can share:

  • Job posting within a related industry.

  • Advocate for a community/group.

  • Share your services, social media, and resources.


We're interested in learning from individuals with experience in a complementary industry.

If you want to spread your knowledge to the Practice with Clara community, you can apply to host a workshop.

See the form below to see if you are a good fit!

Host A Virtual Event

Start Your Seeker Membership

This membership does not include a free trial - to get a taste of what Seekers receive; we recommend checking out the Educational Playlist OR dropping in for a single event with Clara!

Join the Seekers


I want to join the Seeker Membership; what do I do next?

First off, welcome to our community!

If you are NOT a member of Practice with Clara, you can select the Seeker Membership and you will be added to the playlist and receive the welcome email right away.

If you are already a member - upgrade your account and email info@clararobertsoss.com and we will prorate your account depending on your billing cycle.

How is the Seeker Annual Membership different from the Annual Membership?

The Seeker Membership provides access to all the content and events in the Yearly PLUS Membership and the content you see above.

This membership option is tailored toward those who want to learn within a community and develop themselves through training, mentorship, and special events.

Upon joining, you will get access to a unique playlist with classes, workshops, and on-demand training on the Practice with Clara Membership Site.

We also add you to our Seeker Newsletter and a private Facebook Group to connect with the other members in this group.

I've recently renewed my membership; how will I be charged for this membership?

When a user changes their subscription plan, we'll provide them a credit for the unused time on their current plan and discount that from the new plans cost.

In most cases when a user is upgrading plans they will have a discounted charge for the new plan, but if the user is downgrading it's possible they may end up with a credit that is more than the new charge.

They'll see this credit in the dashboard in the balance section and next time they are charged we'll simply draw from that balance first.

I'm already a member - how do I change my membership?

You must change your membership on the website, not within the apps.

  1. Sign into your account at practice.clararobertsoss.com.

  2. Go to your ACCOUNT DETAILS - right tab on the navigation bar.

  3. Click on PURCHASES.

  4. Select CHANGE in the MEMBERSHIP box.

  5. Select SEEKER Membership.

  6. EMAIL support@clararobertsoss.com once you have swapped your membership, and we will send you the next steps.

Do I have to be a yoga teacher to join?

No! Anyone is welcome to join us in the Seeker Membership.

We welcome practitioners of all levels and encourage anyone who is interested in developing their knowledge of the yoga practice to join us.

This membership is ideal for yoga teachers who want to develop themselves professionally AND individuals on the path who want to learn more within a community from Clara.

What if I cannot make the Live event or workshop times?

We share all the live classes, workshops, and events on-demand within 24 hours of the event.

If you cannot make the time that is not a problem.

How do I sign up for the Virtual Vinyasa Intensive?

Seekers may join one virtual vinyasa yoga intensive with the membership.

All the dates will be posted on the Lila School of Vinyasa Yoga Event Page.

When you have selected your dates to join us, please email info@clararobertsoss.com to confirm your place.

Where will I find the Art of Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing Training?

The Art of Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing Training bundle will be added to the Seeker Membership Playlist for you to take the on-demand training at your own pace.

What is the newsletter feature?

Every Seeker gets the opportunity to promote their services or skills in a newsletter once per year!

This is a chance to post a job or promote yourself within the community and wonderful way to reach out to other members and share your story.