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Gain knowledge, support, and inspiration within a global community.


With over 10 Yoga Alliance certified programs, you'll learn anatomy, philosophy, and peak pose sequencing.


All Yoga Alliance programs are included in any of our memberships - monthly, quarterly and annual. 

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We believe in the power of education & community.

We created these courses for us to:

🔸 Embody the wisdom of this ancient and very rich lineage with Philosophy courses.

🔸 Develop skills that help your students understand their bodies with the Peak Pose programs.

🔸 Dive deeper into your own practice with the

Play with Purpose playlist.

🔸 Inspire with creative sequences and themes with

Art of Sequencing on demand training.


  • You are a yoga teacher or enjoy geeking out on all things yoga.

  • You want to continue your yoga education.

  • You're invested in personal AND professional development.

  • You want to earn Yoga Alliance-approved credits as a yoga teacher.

  • You've been craving a way to develop your craft, be it yoga or otherwise, and want a container to crack open your ideas and explore!

Join Us!

Hi, I'm Clara!

I'm the founder of Practice with Clara and the Lila School of Vinyasa Yoga.

I've been a yoga teacher and educator for 20+ years, leading events, retreats, and training worldwide.

I have a deep passion for community, learning, and philosophy, which is how the idea for the Seeker Membership was born.

My hope for us is to co-create learning opportunities through mentorship, workshops, virtual and on-demand training, and live meetups.

I believe that this practice makes us better people.

Making a conscious effort to connect to our bodies, breath and spirits - we connect to our greatest teacher, our SELVES. From that place, that connection, we are more liking to move from a place of compassion, patience and understanding.

Alliance Programs Include -


I'm new to Practice with Clara, where should I start? 

There are two Monthly Membership options for you to choose from; both offer a free trial for you to try the series!

  • MONTHLY ON-DEMAND 7-day free trial with unlimited access to the on-demand library with 300+ yoga, meditation and mantra classes, lectures, tutorials, programs, and challenges.

  • MONTHLY PLUS 14-day free trial that includes all on-demand content PLUS access to all live classes, events, workshops, and virtual retreats.

Here’s how to activate your free trial on Practice with Clara:

  1. Visit Practice with Clara on your computer or mobile device.

  2. Select the subscription you prefer: Monthly On-Demand or Monthly Plus.

  3. Add your email, name, and password to create your account.

  4. Add your billing information: you will NOT be charged until after the free trial period.

  5. Submit your information and download the app to your mobile device! Practice With Clara on over 1000 devices, including iOS, Android, MACs, PCs, and streaming media boxes such as Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Amazon fire TV.

To join a live event, check out the Live Yoga Class Playlist and add the events you want to attend to your calendar!

You can also check our Upcoming Events Page for Members to see what we have planned.

If you have questions or need assistance with your membership, please email

See you on the mat!

What membership includes CE Credits for Yoga Teachers? 

Every membership includes access to the CE Programs that are approved by Yoga Alliance!

The Seeker Membership includes weekly 2-hour LIVE workshops and all the content is available on-demand in the Seeker Playlist.

This membership provides the most opportunities to earn CE credits with Yoga Alliance. 

How do I get the Art of Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing Bundle? 

To get your Art of Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing Bundle, visit this page. 

Here you will see all that is included in your bundle with the yoga classes, lectures, and bonus Business of Yoga tutorials. 

This 14-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training is accredited with Yoga Alliance and counts toward 14 continuing education credits for yoga teachers.

What’s Included in the training:

  • 4 on-demand yoga classes

  • 4 on-demand lectures

  • 4 on-demand Business of Yoga Tutorials

  • 2 on-demand lectures + Q&A with Clara

  • 50-page manual

CLICK HERE to purchase this bundle. 

How do I get the Play and Learn Bundle? 

To get your Play and Learn bundle, visit this page

The classes in this bundle count toward 10 CE (continuing education) credits with Yoga Alliance.

n this bundle, you’ll embody 2-hour yoga practices with four lectures that breakdown the advanced vinyasa yoga sequences. Indulge in an experiential practice with all the components of a well-rounded vinyasa yoga class.  

The Play + Learn Yoga Bundle applies for 10 CE (continuing education) credits with Yoga Alliance. 

CLICK HERE to purchase this bundle. 

How is the Seeker Annual Membership different from the Annual Membership?

The Seeker Membership provides access to all the content and events in the Yearly PLUS Membership and the content you see above.

This membership option is tailored toward those who want to learn within a community and develop themselves through training, mentorship, and special events.

Upon joining, you will get access to a unique playlist with classes, workshops, and on-demand training on the Practice with Clara Membership Site.

We also add you to our Seeker Newsletter and a private Facebook Group to connect with the other members in this group.

I want to join the Seeker Membership; what do I do next?

First off, welcome to our community!

If you are NOT a member of Practice with Clara, you can select the Seeker Membership and you will be added to the playlist and receive the welcome email right away.

If you are already a member - upgrade your account and email and we will prorate your account depending on your billing cycle.

Seeker Membership

Get instant access to virtual events and workshops, training, mentorship, and a global community!

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