New to Practice with Clara? 


This is your quick-start guide to finding what you're looking for with recommended yoga class playlists, membership perks, and educational opportunities!

4 Playlists to Start With -

2 yoga classes per day based on the Practice with Clara Program.

10-30 minute yoga classes you can squeeze in on a lunch break. 

Explore dynamic flows and creative sequencing by time and level

Take your yoga with you anywhereshort classes that don't require a mat.


2-3 Classes are added each week ranging from livestream, audio only and pre-recorded. 

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🔘 Learn the foundational postures, alignment, and modifications. 

🔘 A program of classes to take (2 weeks outline provided!)

🔘 Try the varied styles of yoga we offer including: Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Hatha, and Restorative/Yin.

🔘 Develop consistent daily practice with 20-30 min classes.

New To Yoga Playlist

Invest in your education!

Explore on-demand replays of our past workshops, retreats, and yoga training. 

Hosted 3x per year, join us for an epic 30-DAY virtual yoga challenge! 


Breakdown foundational AND advanced postures with Clara!

Join special guest speakers to explore varied topics that support wellbeing.

Explore the Hindu Deities through mythology, mantra, movement, and meditation.  


Join Clara in the virtual yoga studio for a Livestream or Zoom yoga class.

*Live yoga classes are NOT included in the Monthly On-Demand Membership.

See the Live Schedule 


I'm new to Practice with Clara; where should I start? 

If you’re new to Practice with Clara, it’s great to have you join us!

We have a Welcome to Practice with Clara Playlist to help you get acquainted with the app and the playlists. 

If you’re new to yoga, check out the  For Beginners Collection to see a schedule of classes to do over two weeks. The best way to learn anything new is through repetition. Clara has suggested classes for those new to the practice for the first two weeks of using the app. These classes offer a balance of lengthening, strengthening, and relaxation. 

In the How-To Guides Collection, you’ll find several videos describing how to do basic yoga postures, the alignment for peak yoga poses, and tutorials for those recovering from injury with modifications for sensitivity. This collection is a great starting point for anyone new to using props, pranayamas, and etiquette in yoga studios. 

Finally, the Intro to the App Playlist will show you how to download classes, make your own playlists, and save your favorite videos on the mobile app!

What Membership should I choose?

Every subscription starts with a FREE TRIAL for you to explore the catalog of content. 

The Monthly On-Demand:

  • 7-day free trial.

  • Access to over 300 yoga videos, lectures, and programs. 

  • Live events are NOT included.

  • This membership is for you if you want to do yoga on your own schedule.

  • 18.99 per month.

The Monthly PLUS:

  • 14-day free trial. 

  • Access to full class catalog PLUS all Livestream and Zoom events. 

  • Virtual retreats, Asana Lab, workshops, and lectures with special guest speakers. 

  • This membership is for you if you want to continue learning, and engage with Clara and a global community. 

  • 34.99 per month.

See the full breakdown on the Pricing Page

What is my subscription billing date?

Check your invoices, billing cycle, and purchase history in your Account Details on the Practice with Clara website. 


  • Sign into your account via the website

  • Select 'My Account from the main navigation

  • Select 'Account Details' from the drop-down menu

  • Go to the 'Purchases' tab to review your order history

  • On this page, you will see your membership details and the next billing date

Your Invoice History is the button at the bottom of your Purchase History!

❖ How do I create my own yoga playlists? 


  • Open the Practice with Clara app on your phone

  • Click on your Account / profile photo

  • Under 'Content' select 'Playlists'

  • Select the button that says, 'New Playlist'

  • Enter a title for your playlist 

  • Next, go to the class catalog and select the classes of your choice

  • Click on the three dots under the video of the class

  • Click the second button that says, 'Add to Playlist'

  • Choose the playlist title you want to add the class to or create a new playlist!

You can have up to 7 unique playlists with as many videos as you like per playlist on the mobile devices. 

How do I download classes on a mobile device?

Watch this video to see how to download classes to practice yoga offline!


  • Open Practice with Clara Virtual Yoga Studio. 

  • Sign in to your account on your device.

  • Select the class that you want to download. 

  • Under the class title, there is a round icon with a downwards arrow: select that icon to download the class to your device.

  • You will know the class is downloading when you see the circle filling out a shade darker around the square where the arrow used to be.

  • The checkmark is your affirmation that the class has been downloaded and saved. 

  • To locate the class, go to your account in the top left corner of your device. If you upload a profile photo, you will click on your account profile photo.

Select ‘Downloads’ to see your downloaded classes—it is under the content tab.

What is the benefit of downloading classes?

  • When you download a class, you are able to do it anywhere, anytime, offline. The benefit of downloading a yoga class is that you can do your practice when outside the service range.

❖ How do I access the Spotify music playlist for the classes?

The Spotify playlist is posted three days before the LIVE class is scheduled in the class write-up.

The setup for Spotify during the LIVE class is the same for the on-demand classes.
Here’s how to set up the Spotify music for the class:

  1. Click on the Spotify link to open the playlist on your computer or phone.

  2. Download or save the playlist so its easier to find.

  3. Start the class and wait for Clara to cue the music.

  4. Press ‘play’ to start your music.

  5. Stop the music for meditation or savasana at the end of practice.

With each class, you have the option to have a musical soundtrack or just listen to Clara’s instructions. 

We have teamed up with some great producers who created mixes for some of the classes; you can find those in the Music Accompaniment playlist. 

Clara has also curated Spotify* playlists; you'll see them on the class page when you log in with your browser (these are not available on the app class pages only on the website class pages). 

Click on the Spotify link, which will take you to either a new page or open your Spotify* app on your desktop or mobile. We recommend that you turn the volume down on Spotify mid-way or less so the music won't compete with Clara's voice. 

For those of you enjoying the classes on a TV or mobile apps, you won't be able to play the Spotify* playlists simultaneously. You'll need to open the playlist on a separate device as you can't run two apps at the same time on app-based devices (Mobile, tablet, TV).

To play the Spotify playlists, you will need to be a premium Spotify member.

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