Support + FAQ

We want you to have an amazing experience practicing yoga with Clara; 

Please reach out to us if you have any issues, questions, concerns, or suggestions, write to us at, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

Included with your membership:

  • Unlimited access to all Practice with Clara classes, meditations, and yoga challenges on all of your devices (Computer, Phone App, Tablet Apps, TV apps).
  • Personalized Spotify music playlists with almost every class, for you to add music background if you so choose.
  • Stream or download classes on your favorite device (Apple, Android, Roku, and    Amazon Fire TV). When you sign up, the login you create is the same login that gets you in the app where you can download and build your favorites playlist.
  • Locked in rate; your rate will never change as long as you are a member, even if our pricing changes on our website.
  • 100+ yoga classes and meditations—growing weekly—we release new content every Friday, rain or shine! Sign up to our newsletter for the latest content and event updates.
  • Access to an exclusive community; the #PracticewithClara Facebook Group brings us together to connect and contribute to an active community online. In the Facebook Group, we discuss the latest classes and all things related to living yoga, answer questions and take class requests, and share relevant content and philosophical prompts to aid you on your journey through the practice.


With each class, you have the option to have a musical soundtrack or just listen to Clara’s instruction. 

We have teamed up with some great producers who created mixes for some of the classes, you can find those in the Music Accompaniment playlist. 

Clara has also curated Spotify* playlists, you'll see them on the class page when you log in with your browser (these are not available on the app class pages only on the website class pages). 

Click on the Spotify link, which will take you to either a new page or open your Spotify* app on your desktop or mobile. We recommend that you turn the volume down on Spotify mid way or less so the music won't compete with Clara's voice. 

For those of you enjoying the classes on a TV or mobile apps, you won't be able to play the Spotify* playlists simultaneously. You'll need to open the playlist on a separate device as you can't run two apps at the same time on app based devices (Mobile, tablet, TV).

*To play the Spotify playlists, you will need to be a premium Spotify member.*

How To Cancel Your Subscription

We’re always sad to see you leave, however, we appreciate you joining the community and trying the app.

To cancel your subscription on your computer:

  1. LOG IN to your account:   
  2. Go to the DASHBOARD tab of your account (the second tab in the navigation bar header)  
  3. Select BILLING
  4. Select CHANGE PLAN at the bottom of the page under “Active Plan”
  5. Select CANCEL MEMBERSHIP at the bottom right corner of the page

Once you’ve canceled your subscription, your login will remain active, and your account will expire at the end of your billing cycle—you will not be charged again.

It's important to note that if you set up your membership using one of the apps, you will need to cancel the subscription on your device. Deleting the app does not cancel your membership.

To cancel your subscription on your device:

  • Here are the instructions for Apple devices:

  • Here are the instructions for Android devices: 

How To Reset Your Password

Steps to reset your password:

  1. From the login page, select FORGOT PASSWORD beneath the login credentials
  2. Add your email address when prompted
  3. Go to your email provider, and open the email sent from Practice with Clara
  4. Click the link
  5. Choose a new password and add when prompted
  6. Save your password somewhere safe :) 

Get in Touch

We love hearing from our community—especially if it’s concerning an issue preventing you from enjoying Practice with Clara. 


Thank you,
Team Clara